Rave Reviews from Class

Don't take our word for it. Read what others have to say about The Decorating and Staging Academy curriculum and Carol Bass.


Where do I begin!? Taking my first class from Carol literally changed my life.I was at a point in my life where I wanted a job that I could really love and still make a decent income. My “other” life is very busy, so I needed flexibility. I had heard about redesign and real estate staging, but knew little about it. Many of my friends had suggested I get into some type of decorating and especially real estate staging. I researched many classes that were offered in those fields. After, many conversations with Carol and her colleagues, I decided to take the class from Carol. I already had a decorating sense, but needed direction on how to turn a hobby/talent into a career.

Taking the class from Carol, gave me the direction and confidence I needed to start my own business.  I have gone to several different seminars, conferences, college courses, etc., and heard many well-known speakers.  Taking a class from Carol was literally one of the best.  She is a teacher you can relate to on many levels. There was not one boring moment in the many hours of learning.  Each topic taught was challenging and practical.  Carol has the ability to motivate and to help us think out of the box. She has been a fantastic motivator for me to persevere.  She has been a mentor to me in many ways.  I will forever be grateful for the help she gave to me as I stepped out on faith to start my own business.  I find myself as busy as I want to be. There is great joy with each opportunity to make a difference in another person’s home whether it is through redesign or staging.  Thank you, “Carol” for believing in me and encouraging me to be an entrepreneur.
Kathy C
KRC Interior Transformations
Cherry Hill, NJ

“This was the best thing we could have done to boost our confidence to start a redesign business, Carol Bass made the course a blast. It was fun to learn this material under her guidance!”
Dana Z and Melissa A
A2Z Decorating
Virginia Beach, VA



“I never knew learning could be so much fun. I never laughed so hard and learned so much."
Lucy S
Voorhees, New Jersey

                            “I feel I have taken an eight week course in just one week!  I never have learned so much and been more impressed by a curriculum.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mary Boyajian                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Titusville, New Jersey

                            “I feel I have taken an eight week course in just one week! I never have learned so much and been more impressed by a curriculum.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mary Boyajian
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Titusville, New Jersey

“When I signed up I felt that someday I may use the knowledge given to me to either start my own business or at least get my foot in the door. When the week was over I felt it not only gave me the confidence to do it, but to do it now.”
Barbara L
Chambersburg, MD

“What I enjoyed the most about class was the systematic process of re-design. It saves so much time. I found the instructors styles to be a nice mix of humor, information and storytelling that drives the point home.”
Kathy C
Nashville, TN

“Carol you were extremely knowledgeable, articulate and passionate. Bringing your entrepreneurial skills to the classroom is a great asset and you provided many examples that will benefit your students. Loved the emphasis on service.”
Nancy M
 Melbourne, FL

“I enjoyed every minute of this class! Carol was a fabulous speaker and never rushed through, took time to answer questions.”
Debra W
Once Upon A ReDesign
Ambler, PA



Carol, I was so thrilled to come home to my newly designed living room. “The Class” took the very small space that I had and not only made it look like a designer show room, but also made the space feel so much bigger. In just a few hours they took my boring and conventional living room and transformed it into something that could be in a magazine. I love that they were able to take the things that I already own and cherish and use them to make my living room look like a totally new place. Thank you so much for all your effort, creativity and hard work.
Best, Katie

I can’t begin to thank you all enough! I have been staring at my family room for 10 years trying to decide how to make it look nice. In a few hours you were able to work magic! When I walked in I could not believe I was in my house. My family room was amazing! I peeked at the room from my upstairs railing and take turns sitting in different spots in the room and just admiring the different views. It is a space that I now love and I am proud of. My husband and children love it too! My seven year old said ” Mom, this looks like a house you see in a designer magazine!” I can’t wait to show it off to my family and friends and I dream of having you do other spaces.
Fondly, Erica R
Moorestown, NJ

Carol, I wanted to send you a note and tell you how great Betty’s makeover looks! You just want to go in and sit down in the area (as I do with my living room also). The piano at the back of the couch looks so much better, makes you want to use it more. I told her she could even play now and see her audience. You and your class work magic. Thanks and blessings.
Brentwood, TN

We cannot tell you how much we love theliving room makeover. It looks great! Everyone that has seen it loves it. You used so many family treasures that makes the room so welcoming and extra special to us. My mother said the dresser piece has been in our family for seven generations and was in a basement closet collecting dust. How wonderful to have it in my living room.  I am just in awe of it being my living room — the same furniture, but it looks so much better. I also can’t believe that it looks so much better without having to buy new furniture or paint or do something. Thanks to all the ladies. It has been a wonderful experience.
Nancy & Duane C

Again thank you, thank you, thank you.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR ‘NEW’ LIVINGROOM!!!!  What a tremendous difference from the stark, cold feeling it had.  It is so warm and inviting now, it made me want to go in there and just sit.  My furniture doesn’t look half bad now either (can’t believe I am saying that)!   I may just consider recovering the sofa since now the way it is positioned doesn’t make it look so formal.  Carol, I have had several decorators come to my house and not one suggested placing the furniture in that direction.  Just amazing! You have an unbelievable talent and skill.   I feel so lucky to have had my house chosen.  Thank you again and thank your students for their hard work and talent, too.   I am in awe.
Karen S
Richmond, VA

The transformation of that room is really quite amazing.  It looks great!  We will definitely use it much more!  It almost pulls you in.  I’m not sure what part I like the best.  It is cozy, yet classy,  “very” inviting, and visually stimulating too.  There is no way I would have guessed you could have changed the personality of that room so much using primarily existing items from our house.  So many thanks to you and your “students”.
Doug St
Richmond, VA

Once again you did an absolutely wonderful job with my living room!  Having used your services in my old house, I knew that when you and your class came in, I would love my room; but it’s totally amazing that even with basically the same furniture, your design class made my living room look so different than it did in my other home.

You always come up with such imaginative ways to use regular objects – I really liked using the tiger throw as a pillow for my antique stool – it spruced it up and made it look completely different.  I’m so pleased – thank you and your class so much. I hope they had has much fun designing as I had entering my house tonight. I can’t wait for you to come and “retouch” my dining room.
Best wishes, Amy O
Voorhees, NJ

I was amazed by the transformation of our hokey country family room into an elegant, intimate and cozy family gathering place.  The lighting and the candles were especially striking creating a wonderfully warm ambiance (just like Carol’s house).  Turning the oriental carpet seemed to open the room, making it seem bigger.  I loved the flowers, books, candles and lamp arrangements on all the tables.  I really liked the great little table by the red chair.  The sofa table and accessories were amazing (loved the candle arrangements).

It was incredible how you duplicated the flower arrangement on the fireplace mantel from the magazine picture.  I liked the way the red bowl picks up the red color and pulls the eye to the focal point, but it’s pretty dramatic for me.  Your use of books in all the arrangements was fantastic.  I was impressed with the way you brought things into the room that you had scavenged from all over the entire house!

My family loved the table and chairs by the window. I love the pillows on the couch and can’t believe how well they pull ALL the colors together in the room.

My eleven year old son, Matt, loves the room!  He can’t believe it’s the same house.  He said, “It looks so much better!!”  He’s captivated by the table, chairs, champagne glasses, and the Backgammon game, and the mesmerizing lighting and candle effect.  He says the red bowl on the mantel reminds him of the sun.

My husband, Mike, is impressed with the way the new angle of the carpet makes the room bigger and is very glad that he doesn’t have to trip over the furniture anymore to get into the room.  He likes the lighting as well, especially the lamp on the breakfast bar.  He’s not a candle man because he’s afraid of fire. He did fix the fireplace though, and the effect is fabulous!!

Jennifer, my fifteen year old daughter, is the artistic one in the bunch.  She is relieved about losing the chicken farm theme and having better style!  She says, “There is a nice balance between darks and lights and the room has a romantic flavor.  The use of candles and lighting brings out the darker tones in the room.  The floral arrangement on the mantel seems like a bursting forest of flowers.  The positioning of the furniture opens the room and gives a comfortable feeling.”  She also liked the use of books, candles and lighting.  Jennifer ate her breakfast at the table the first morning and watched the sunrise before getting on the school bus.

We really appreciate all the hard work from you and the class and creative expertise and are thrilled with our new room.
Sincerely, Mary Anne and family
Voorhees, NJ