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Morning: Teaching

The Addicted to Decorating classes are designed for the homeowner that loves to “Do It Herself” 

We teach the tricks of the trade, so you can decorate your home with all the confidence of a professional. Color, furniture placement, accessories, bookcases and so much more are just a hint of what you will learn.  We also include a segment around the holidays called  “Holiday Decorating with more Flash than Cash.”  Watch for the next class in your city.



Time for Lunch

Because class is all day it includes a nice box lunch for us to enjoy and get to know one another before the afternoon sessions start. Come for the morning and stay all day or pick the morning or afternoon session. 


Afternoon: Holiday Decorating with More Flash than Cash & Bonus: Busy Women Guide to the Holidays

Carol brings lots of goodies with her to class. Giving you a chance to learn with some hands on fun.  From how to hang art, how to accessories tables, mantels, and more.  So whether it is her holiday session  or one of the other sessions  you will always walk away great information. 

Look for Next class in the near future